MeasureColor reports is all about visualizing data. In the most basic form a view exists of a query coupled with a visualization.

From the Home screen click Views → Create view

Here you can create a new view or import an existing view. For this example we create a new dashboard type view.

After creating a new view the Node Editor is shown. You can now add several types of nodes to make up the view you want to build. You can choose

  • Filters
  • Visualizations
  • Data Input
  • Output

In order to build a view you will need at least one Data Input and one Visualisation. For this example we add two pie charts and two queries.

Connect the nodes using drag-and-drop

We set the first query to “Operator: select number of jobs for all operators”. We set the other one to “Operator Quality score”.

Now we have to set the fields for the visualizations to use.

Here we set the score visualization to “Name” and “Score”, and the jobs visualization to “Name” and “Jobs”.

Press “Save view” and “Visit view” to watch the result:

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