• Read and check the System Requirements
  • In case the Reports database needs to run on an existing SQL stack a suitable connection string should be prepared
  • Download the installer from the link on your software voucher
  • It is recommended to have all information on your email SMTP server handy
  • The Reports installer assumes that a MeasureColor server is already present on the system. If both MeasureColor and MeasureColor Reports need to be installed, always start with the MeasureColor server. In case only MeasureColor Reports is needed, start with MeasureColor anyway
  • Make sure you are logged on as Windows Admin
  • Run the installer by double-clicking and confirming
  • The Prerequisites Setup Wizard will do some checks and add Windows features to your system when needed by clicking [next]
  • You will be prompted to select an installation folder and click [next]
  • Select Port '3200' in the server binding settings unless you have a good reason to do otherwise

  • These are settings for the database connection strings. The standard settings will be correct mostly. Please consult your local IT staff if the Reports database needs to run on an existing SQL stack. Our support team can help them with queries to set that up.
  • After finishing the setup the Reports screen will open a page on your browser

First, create a Systemadmin account. Make sure to remember these credentials. Without them, you are locked out of reports.

After that, login with your new credentials: your email address and your password. Note: At this point the 'Forgot password' link cannot be used yet. After logging in the activation page will be shown:

Click [Existing account]

Use the email address and password from your account. You can find the License key on your Colorware License Voucher.

  • With the [Update] button you can activate changes that have been made to the license, for example, increased functionality or added users.
  • With the [Deactivate] button you can deactivate this license on this system.

In order to use the full potential of MeasureColor reports, like sending password resets and invites, it is vital to correctly set up the email configuration. Go to Settings → Mail

Please consult your email provider for the correct settings for sending emails. Use the [Send test mail] button to check all settings are working as intended.

  • Go to Settings → Data → MeasureColor
  • Click the [+ New Connection] button
  • Give the connection a name

  • Copy the connection key
  • Open the MeasureColor System management module
  • Go to MeasureColor Reports → External Reports
  • Click the green [Add] button

  • Select 'MeasureColor Reports' as type
  • Give the connection a unique name
  • Use the URL of the Reports server
  • Paste the Verification Token you copied from the Reports connection page
  • You can test the connection with the [Test Connection] button
  • Don't forget to save the connection with the [Create connection] button
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